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All Saints: A Day for All Families 

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Together, Minnesotans of faith are uniting to stand with all families.  We are driven by our faith to love and include others, and that faith is something that has moved us to take action in this campaign.

Minnesotans United for All Families is a coalition with diverse roots.  Faith organizations make up a very significant portion – nearly one fourth – of that coalition.

There is not just one opinion on marriage among people of faith.  As people of faith who support the freedom for all loving couples to marry, we are coming together as a community across the state to stand against this hurtful amendment.  We are challenging narrow views of what it means to be people of faith; we act not in spite of our faith, but because of our faith.

From many denominations, creeds, and traditions, we are coming together to support the freedom to marry.  Here’s what you can do to help make history:

  • Join us at an upcoming Faith Conversation Drive — click here to find one near you!
  • Watch our online conversation training video and learn to have powerful, strategic conversations with other people of faith.  Having conversations is the single most important thing you can do to help defeat this amendment.  We know that conversations can be difficult, and the most effective way to talk to people about the amendment isn’t always obvious. This training will provide the skills and confidence you’ll need to have powerful conversations.
  • Want to get your faith community involved? Download our conversation training toolkit where you’ll find everything you need to lead others in a brief conversation training using our conversation training video. 
  • Are you a member of the clergy?  Faith leaders have a long history acting for inclusion.  Join our Clergy Coalition as we continue that tradition on behalf of all Minnesota families.
  • Already attended a conversation training? Check in with other members of your faith community who are trained conversationalists to see how their conversations are going.
  • Host an Adult Forum to learn more About the Marriage Amendment. Forums are for congregations who are mixed, undecided, or interested in learning more about the amendment.  Faith communities are one of the few places we can have honest, deep, and respectful conversations about issues that can be divisive. Forums will be an opportunity to learn and grow in our faith journeys together.  Volunteer facilitators are people of faith committed to creating a respectful atmosphere in which to share stories, thoughts, and questions from different perspectives. To host an adult forum or get more information, please email Juliana today.
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