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Legislation to Extend the Freedom to Marry to Same-Sex Couples Passes House Civil Law Committee

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Minnesotans United applauds leadership of legislators who voted in favor of freedom & fairness

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March 12, 2013 – Saint Paul, MNIn a historic moment tonight and by a vote of 10-7, the Civil Law Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to pass legislation that would grant same-sex couples the freedom to marry as soon as August 1, 2013. This vote comes just hours after the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of companion legislation in that body.

House File 1054, authored by Representative Karen Clark and co-authored by a diverse group of twenty-two other members of the Minnesota House of Representatives, would remove limitations on marriage for same-sex couples from Minnesota state law, while also protecting the important religious freedoms of clergy and faith institutions to practice their religious beliefs free from government interference or persecution.

“In less than 12 hours, Minnesotans have watched as history was made today,” said Minnesotans United Campaign Manager Richard Carlbom. “This evening’s vote in support of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples makes it clear: Minnesotans don’t turn our backs on family, and we know that it is wrong to exclude certain people from marriage just because of who they are or who they fell in love with. Same-sex couples pay taxes, vote, and run businesses in Minnesota. They take care of each other, raise children, and serve in the military here – and as such, they should be afforded the same freedoms as anyone else and be treated fairly under the law. Minnesotans United applauds the leaders Legislature who are working hard to get this bill passed every day.”

Added chief author Representative Karen Clark, “It is clear that the momentum across Minnesota to see this legislation passed into law and signed by Governor Dayton this session is strong and growing by the day. Minnesotans everywhere are coming to the conclusion that treating others as we would want to be treated – equally – is the right thing to do. In 2013, we finally have the opportunity to ensure that freedom means freedom for everyone. When this legislation comes to floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives for a vote, I look forward to spirited conversation with my colleagues ending in our decision to extend the basic freedom to marry to same-sex couples all across Minnesota.”

Minnesotans United, the campaign that successfully defeated the hurtful marriage amendment in 2012, is committed to securing the freedom to marry for loving and committed same-sex couples in 2013.


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