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Statement from Minnesota College Republicans Chairman Ryan Lyk in Support of the Freedom to Marry

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Contact: Jake Loesch, Communications Director
Phone: 763-218-4810

March 6, 2013 – Saint Paul, MN – Two-term Minnesota College Republicans Chairman Ryan Lyk released the following statement today in support of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples:

“We have heard a lot about marriage in Minnesota over the last few years. From the introduction of an amendment in 2011 that would have constitutionally excluded same-sex couples from marriage to last week’s introduction of historic new legislation to grant same-sex couples the freedom to marry, it is safe to say that this issue is a very important one in the eyes of many Minnesotans.

Marriage is a meaningful, important institution in our society – nothing compares to that lifelong commitment that two people make to each other. As a young Republican and a supporter of individual freedom and limited government, I urge Republicans to join me in supporting legislation that will extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in Minnesota.

It is not the role of government to dictate who can be married, whose love is valid, and which families matter more than others. Marriage benefits society in many ways and I cannot in good conscience support excluding same-sex couples from that important institution. Gay and lesbian Minnesotans run business, vote, and serve in the military. They work hard, raise children, and contribute to the same system as the rest of us – and as such, they should have access to the same freedoms and opportunities as anyone else.

As the Chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans, I am proud of the work our organization does every day to elect Republicans and promote limited government and fiscal responsibility. While I would never claim to speak for everyone in my organization, I know I speak for many young Republicans when I say that it is time for the Republican Party to move past this issue. I, like many of my colleagues, vote on economic and fiscal issues. The fact that we are still debating whether or not government can dictate marriage detracts from those issues and it is time we move on.

The bipartisan legislation introduced last week will go a long way in improving the lives of thousands of families and children in Minnesota, and that is something that we all should support, regardless of political affiliation. I applaud Republican Senator Branden Petersen’s leadership on this bill, and I look forward to the day that the unnecessary exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage is stricken from Minnesota statute.”

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