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Republicans Join Minnesotans United for All Families

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6th, 2011 – SAINT PAUL, MN – A group of Minnesota Republicans has joined
Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition opposed to the proposed constitutional
amendment which would restrict marriage for same-sex couples.

“As Republicans, we believe in limited government, individual freedom, fiscal restraint,
a strong national defense, and the moral values that come from the building blocks
of our society – our churches and the institution of marriage,” said Dale Carpenter, a
board member of Republicans Against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment (RAMMA). “This
amendment does nothing to protect marriage. Instead, it asks the voters to support
more government interference and limits on personal liberty. This directly contradicts
Republican principles.”

Carpenter was joined by University of Minnesota constitutional law professor and former
Bush White House counsel Richard Painter, Susan Kimberly, former deputy mayor of St.
Paul under Norm Coleman, State Representative John Kriesel, and Wheelock Whitney,
former candidate for Governor and long-time Republican advisor.

Along with RAMMA, the Log Cabin Republicans will join the coalition of groups under
the umbrella of Minnesotans United for All Families.

“I fundamentally believe in limited government. It’s the reason I’m a Republican and
why I do not support an amendment that looks to define marriage as between one man
and one woman,” said Representative John Kreisel. “We in the group that stands here
today are all Minnesotans; Minnesotans who believe in limited government; Minnesotans
who will work hard to elect Republicans candidates up and down ticket next fall;
Minnesotans who will work hard to defeat this amendment — because it’s the right thing
to do.”

“I am a life-long Republican, a Republican candidate for Governor and the U.S. Senate,
a supporter of every Republican president and Tim Pawlenty’s candidacy for the
presidency and I believe there is nothing in the Republican value system that would
justify a marriage ban in our constitution,” said Wheelock Whitney.

Kimberly noted that Republicans share core values including a deep and enduring respect
for the constitution. “It is not conservative or Republican to amend the Minnesota
Constitution in this manner, she said. “I know I’m joined by other Republicans who
will campaign to advance Republican policies, in support of Republican candidates, and
campaign to say no to the proposed anti-marriage amendment.”

RAMMA said it will work to correct the myths that have multiplied from the marriage
amendment debates. “Defeating this amendment by voting ‘no’ does not threaten any
other rights or freedoms,” said Carpenter. “Our stand against the marriage ban is a
conservative one, upholding this societal building block while not limiting freedom, a
position that we Republicans can endorse with others across the political spectrum.”


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