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Television Ads Highlight Importance of Civil Marriage

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Statewide ad buy reminds us that all Minnesotans deserve the freedom to marry

Contact: Jake Loesch, Communications Director
Phone Number: (763) 218 – 4810

March 24, 2013 – Saint Paul, MNContinuing the robust statewide conversation about why marriage matters to all couples and families, Minnesotans United today announced the release of two compelling television ads. These ads are both paid for by the Project 515 Education Campaign – a founding partner of Minnesotans United – and debut just as members of the Minnesota Legislature return to their districts for the Easter/Passover spring break.

The first ad, “Grandparents,” features Yvonne & Fred Peterson sharing the story of their marriage of 59 years, and their own personal journey towards recognizing that all people deserve the freedom to marry the person they love. “Grandparents” was released (on August 16, 2012) during the 2012 marriage amendment debate, highlighting the continuity of what Minnesotans have been talking about all along: Marriage is about the love, commitment and responsibility that two people share.

The second ad, “Weddings,” features Lynn & Dane Youngblom of Duluth, Minnesota, who share their hope that their son, Kyle, might one day have the freedom to marry in Minnesota just like his siblings. “I wouldn’t want anyone to tell me it’s illegal to marry the person I love,” Lynn concludes.

“From the moment those who oppose the freedom to marry launched their efforts in 2011, our focus has been on reminding Minnesotans why they got married,” said Richard Carlbom, Minnesotans United Campaign Manager. “When two people fall in love, the next natural step is to exercise their fundamental freedom to marry the person they love. Now, after two years of discussion, these ads reflect what we’ve heard from Minnesotans – they want to treat others the way they themselves would want to be treated and don’t want to limit freedom.”

The educational six-figure cable TV ad buy will run statewide beginning on Monday, March 25.

Minnesotans United, the campaign that successfully defeated the hurtful marriage amendment in 2012, is committed to securing the freedom to marry for loving and committed same-sex couples in 2013.

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