This is what family looks like

These are real, Minnesotan stories. Some of the writers are LGBT, and others are straight… but their orientation doesn’t matter. What they all have in common is a strong belief in the power of marriage. They believe family is about love and commitment, working together, bettering their communities, raising children, and growing old together. They believe marriage matters. They believe in a Minnesota that values and supports strong families and creates a welcoming environment for all Minnesota families to thrive.

In 2012, Minnesotans will be asked to amend their constitution to ban marriage for loving, committed same-sex couples. Passage of this amendment would benefit no family, create no job, defend no institution, nor welcome any person to Minnesota. But it would hurt, disadvantage, and stigmatize tens of thousands of Minnesotans and their families.

These are the stories of Minnesotans who are ready to stand up for all families and vote “NO” in 2012.
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