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The McBurney-Soderlund Family

My name is Megan McBurney. I am a Minnesotan by birth and now, many years later, a Minnesotan by choice. I am lucky to have three incredible sisters who mean the world to me. Each of my sisters is married – two sisters are married to men they love, and one sister married the woman she loves in New York City in August 2011, just a month after marriage equality became law in New York.

This past summer my sister Ann McBurney and her wife Lynn Soderlund welcomed family and friends to their northern Illinois home to celebrate their marriage. My sister Ann writes: “I cannot tell you how happy and proud I was on that day in New York, and how thrilled Lynn and I were to have our 13-year relationship recognized legally. We also realized that our marriage milestone, so important to us, could not be truly complete until we exchanged our vows before the people we love the most. Hence the gathering of this smiling bunch on July 21, 2012, when we affirmed our commitment to our life together and received the blessing and support of family and friends. It was truly a wonderful celebration, the happiest of my life. I am proud to be from Minnesota. I grew up in Minnesota, and my wife was born in Minnesota. I am so grateful that my mother Mariette and my father Tom raised me with values based on service, respect, equality and fairness. I believe these are Minnesota values, and I believe Minnesota will affirm these values by voting NO.”

I’m voting NO on November 6 because love is love, and families come in countless configurations. I’m voting NO because every couple should have the freedom to marry the one they love and to build a legal marriage based on respect and commitment. I’m voting NO to show my unwavering support for all my sisters and their chosen spouses – and to show my deep respect for all families across Minnesota.

Megan McBurney & family

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